birth defect in children

Birth Defect- Would Be Mothers Should Read It For Their Child

Birth defects are abnormalities which are seen in children during the development of the baby. There are many different reasons…

child using mobile

5 ways that can help you to keep mobile away from your children

You have given the mobile to your child, but it has become difficult to take it back. Now the condition…

Banana and Milk

Food combinations that can affect your child’s health!

Humans are omnivorous, who eat everything like fruits, vegetables, meat, fish etc. Even in the early period, our ancestors used…


These symptoms shows that your child is allergic!

Every parent wants their child to be healthy always, but if the child gets infected due to allergic reaction frequently,…

things should be taken care before becoming dad

Gentlemen! if you are planning to become a dad then you should take care of all these thing first!

Being a father is a matter of pride and your responsibilities do not end here, but it starts. As soon…


Parents, note that your mistakes put bad influence on your child!

How many challenges do parents face in raising a child? It probably only feels when you are either playing this…

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