Prominent Varieties of Electric
Personal Transportation Devices

The electric bicycle

Electric bikes are fast. You can travel faster than the speed most people would ride their bicycles.

The electric moped

Just like the traditional bicycle has gotten an electrical counterpart, there is electrical moped now too.

The electric skateboard

In comparison to the bicycle, you’ll have to be a bit more of a daredevil to opt for a powered skateboard, especially when you have no skating experience.

Other Types of Electric
Personal Transportation Devices

The electric scooter

These scooters have handlebars and hand brakes. Foldable models are great for commuters as they allow for easy storage in public transportation or at the workplace. Some models come with a (detachable) seat.

The electric unicycle

Unlike electric skateboards which require a controller to get moving you, simply accelerate and slow down by leaning your body forward or backward. Riding in rain or through puddles is no problem with most models.

Different Types Of Hoverboards

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