Different Types of Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

A set of make-up brush kits are all makeup artists or makeup lovers should include in their cosmetic items. A make-up artist will not be able to use makeup properly without a perfect Professional makeup brush set.

makeup brushes

Professional Brush Sets are typically prepared of superior quality animal hair such as goat hair and horse hair. Goat hair brush sets come quite expensive as the hair is very lenient and they look truly amazing. Professional goat hair brushes or horse hair brushes are an asset as they are long-lasting for all times.

List Of Makeup Brushes, Their Names, and Uses

Nowadays kind of huge brushes are available in the marketplace but it is too much difficult to choose the best brushes. So here is the list of some best makeup brush now you can choose your own.

Foundation Brush

The major role of a foundation brush is to allow the flat application of your base or foundation on the skin. Using a brush of best quality makes all the variances in the world. A good-quality foundation brush will facilitate you to mix the foundation out efficiently so that you can fit the product into the skin, providing it the most natural appearance. 

Concealer Brush

A concealer brush is flawless for blemishes improvement. As the term proposes, the use of concealer brushes is to flatten concealers – to create the product appears as natural as it can on the skin. Although making use of a concealer brush, never combine it out. You should never change the product every time, but wisely tap the product on the skin to hide the area.

Stippling Brush

This is the next brush that you can use for your area. The foundation brush assists you to achieve the product on the skin easily, and the stippling brush provides you with an airbrushed appearance. The light thread of the brush assists you in getting a perfect, blended touch.

Stippling Brush

Angled Blush Brush

An angled blush brush allows the exact application of the blush. The angled form of the brush facilitates it to choose the product and powder it on the cheeks always so gently so that it provides natural look always.

angled brush

Powder Brush

The main role of a powder brush is to sprinkle your face with loose or compact powder, without creating you appear the ghost from The Grudge. The best quality powder brush will enable you to fix and freshen up your makeup without touching any of the other existing makeup on your skin.

powder brush

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Angled Brush

An angled brush includes numerous uses. It can be applied for brows and eyeliner. The angled form of the brush assists to fill in eyebrows in the contour of your selection. The piercing ends also make it suitable to extend a killer flying facing.

angled brush

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Contour Brush

Contouring is another option that, at any rate, cannot be applied without a brush. Also if you will be able to do it, you’d perhaps turn out appearing a clay sculpture. Pretty a few people make use of a blush brush for contouring.

A contour brush includes stronger bristles than a blush brush and a more angled slope. It is particularly created to assist you to target the parts that you wish to contour and form.

contour brush

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Highlight Fan Brush

The spikes in a fan brush are definitely created for highlighters. The spikes are extensive so that the brush chooses not much of the product. It is then a little sprinkled onto the cheekbones and other parts of the face that wants to be underlined. It is better to set foot with a light hand to evade applying in large amounts product.

fan brush

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Combination Brush

An amalgamation brush must be included when it comes to using brushes. This is rather you can’t make use of your fingers for. A perfect unification brush will assist you to make softer any severe lines after applying of application of the eyeshadow. The trick to the flawless eyeshadow appearance is to combine, composite, and when you consider you’ve combined a lot, mix one more time to get excellence.

Eye Liner Brush

Do you know those Instagram video lessons of intense flying eyeliners? Of course, fine they didn’t do that with only any brush. You just require a specific eyeliner brush in order to grasp that amount of excellence and accuracy. The brush is created to choose and deposit the essential amount of product while providing you extreme control that you maybe would not find in another place.

eyeliner brush

Eyeshadow Brush

An eyeshadow brush assists you to apply eyeshadow, whether it will be coming in the form of cream or powder, efficiently and with accuracy on top of your eyelid. A perfect eyeshadow brush will choose a good amount of the product and will facilitate you to package it on the eyelid with the negligible result.

eye shadow brush

Bronzer Brush

A bronzer brush is curved and allocates the product consistently. A large feathery brush for bronzing assists you to get that natural, sun-kissed appearance.

bronzer brush

Lip Brush

Many times we make use of the doe brush that is available with the lip products, or we use it right in the case of lipsticks. On the other hand, if you want accuracy and flawlessly lined lips as you get in makeup lessons and photo shoots, a lip brush is mandatory.

lip brush

Mascara Brush Or Spoolie

Many individuals already understand how to choose the perfect makeup brushes, but how about a brush for your lashes or brows? Obviously, you can use the magic stick that is available with the product when you buy it, however, if you are extremely particular on how you want your lashes to appear, then a mascara brush is the right technique to use a right way.

mascara brush

Blush Brushes

This blush brush is rather like a powder brush, but more smooth-edged and flattened to choose the colors of the blush. The spikes are created to facilitate combining hence that there are no severe streaks.

blush brush

Makeup Brush Maintenance (How To Clean Makeup Brushes?)

You even won’t notice any bacteria on your brush sets, however numb skin, dirt and skin oils will create on your brushes always that they get applied. It is vital for any person or make-up artist who is applying brushes every day to keep them neat and tidy.

Makeup brush should not be washed often. For long-lasting makeup brush should be taken care properly 

Brushes are simply cleaned by making use of a small amount of shampoo and blending with some hot warm water in a fresh tub. Be careful while adding the spikes and massage properly unless you notice the water running fresh and clean. Professional brush sets are typically available in the leather covering with covers on each makeup brush this will assist to keep the bristles away from getting scratched.

Makeup Brush Application 

Brush sets assist to obtain gorgeous used makeup they are more precise in their application. You will not turn out looking as if you have used too much. The consequences will appear professional as the beauty products will be blended in the right way. The right type of cosmetic brush will provide an appearance that looks very professional.


Here are some essential tips to guide you in selecting makeup brushes:

  • Usually, you have to feel the brush. Smooth-spikes makeup brushes will feel truly flawless on your skin. You need to check the weight and measurement of the handle to ensure that you can easily apply with your tool with the hassle-free process.
  • Keep in mind that bristles differ and function in a different way. Natural bristles offer a good finishing touch, however artificial bristles function perfectly for liquid makeup. Furthermore, brushes with crushed and strong bristles function efficiently in applying makeup that needs a wide range of colors. However, the looser crammed brushes are perfect for using lighter makeup, powder and for highlighting.
  • Look for easy to clean makeup brushes. It is vital to keep your brushes always neat and accustomed to making sure that it will be functioning optimally and to avoid the spread of microbes. There are makeup brushes that appropriately available with a brush cleanser.
  • Don’t opt for based on the charge alone. Some brushes are pricier than others, but they can be well-intentioned. Don’t be hopeless from selecting the high-priced ones particularly if that means possessing good-quality brushes that are durable and save you enough money in the long run.

A perfect set of professional-quality makeup brushes are perhaps cheaper than you contemplate and are a sound investment.

  • There are many options to reflect when trying to opt for the perfect makeup brushes. No, any applicator arsenal is properly done without a big brush for crushed makeups. These types of makeup brushes are round, dense brush with smooth bristles that are created for applying makeup consistently over the complete face.
  • A huge powder brush must be used as a bronzer; it is from time to time tangled with the same but minor blush brush. A blush brush is an ideal size for targeted application to particular areas of the face. If you try to utilize a huge powder brush to use blush you may turn out with color in blemishes you don’t want. A right brush blush will provide you both the control and treatment you want.
  • Various brushes are created for using makeup to one’s eyes. Your simple eyeshadow brush fashions to have a right-angled shape to the spikes making it flawless for using to the eyelid and the brow.
  • When you would like to use a wide range of makeup influences on the eyes you’ll want to make use of an angled brush thus you can accurately apply color to the eyelid crinkle and the external angles of the eyes. A brush with bigger tip is best for using either eyeliner or a skinny line of eyeshadow right above the eyelashes for a striking appearance.
  • You also want to search for brushes that are designed with natural fibers; these will not drop separately as simply and will be quite easier on the skin. Then rinse your makeup brushes in lukewarm water with bubbles every few weeks, this will remove any dead skin cells or makeup deposit that has accumulated.
  • You obviously want to keep makeup brushes in a fresh and neat bag or even ampule in an atmosphere that is completely free of dampness, store them someplace they won’t be crinkled by other products. If any of the brushes in your set tire out they won’t be costly to substitute either. A right set of makeup brushes will perform miracles for how you use makeup without breaking the set.

These are all distinct types of brushes that you must have to your cosmetic set. There is a broad range of makeup brushes in online stores available and though in brick and mortar shops. With a massive array of brands, types and value changes, you might turn out with huge misperception in opting for the one you want.

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