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25 Natural Ways To Treat White Spots (Vitiligo)

We tend to fail our confidence over a miniature blemish on our face. Having white acnes or vitiligo on the skin is very serious, and it just requires an instant action. However the illness is not serious or infectious, it is assured to cause psychological anxiety. Your confidence reduces, and you tend to feel uncomfortable to flow out.

white spots on body or Vitiligo

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White spots happen to close the nose, mouth, inside the mouth, temples, and eyes, and the disorder is typically supplemented by early grey of hair. This prolonged problem can affect tiny areas of the skin and then spread to bigger portions. The in-depth study recommends that vitiligo or white spots can occur due to chemical reactions, hereditary reasons, oxidative strain, and neural or viral causes. From time to time, white spots can happen due to a medical state, or it can be an autoimmune syndrome also.

What Are White Spots? How Does Vitiligo Start?

The presence of white spots on the skin is called vitiligo. It is a skin ailment caused due to damage of skin colors.

Melanin provides the skin its distinctive pigment. When the cells that yield melanin or melanocytes prevent working or decease, white spots seem on the skin. It is truly hard to eliminate the white spots once they look. In general, the normal skin color vanishes in blemishes, and it can affect any part of the body.

Allopathic sciences suggest various treatment options for this illness and these are always sore and costly. But there are some natural and effective methods that people might follow instead.

Who Gets Vitiligo?                                  

Vitiligo can affect persons of all ages, but those with black skin are mainly vulnerable to it. People within the age of 10-30 are likely to vitiligo. In almost 30% of the affected individuals, the skin starts to repigment naturally if wide-open to the sun.

Causes Of Vitiligo

The main reason behind vitiligo is not recognized, but some possible causes are:

  • An ailment of the immune system that assaults and abolishes the melanocytes in the skin (autoimmune ailment)
  • Family hereditary or genetic cause
  • A cause happening such as sunburn, stress or contact with industrial chemicals

Types Of Vitiligo Disease

Depending on the type of vitiligo you have, the yellowed areas may cover different areas on your body:

(A) Generalized Vitiligo: This is the most common type of vitiligo that affects many parts of the body. This is further divided into three types – Vulgaris, Acrofacial, and Universal.

Vulgaris Vitiligo – This involves white patches that are distributed in different parts of the body.

Acrofacial Vitiligo – This is mostly seen on the fingers and/or toes.

Universal Vitiligo – The whole body, or almost the entire body, is covered in white spots and patches.

(B) Localized Vitiligo: When one or only a few areas of the body are affected, it is called Localized Vitiligo. Its types include Focal Vitiligo and Segmental Vitiligo.

Focal Vitiligo – In this type, white spots or patches are focused on one part of the body.

Segmental Vitiligo – This is infected only one side of the body. It happens at a beginning age, growths for a year or two and then breaks.

Here are the effective natural treatments that can assist you to treat vitiligo or white spots. If you follow these tips thoroughly, you can really achieve your recover your glowing skin again.

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Natural Ways To Get Rid Of White Spots On Skin (Vitiligo)

How To Remove White Spots On Skin Naturally

Coconut Oil Massage For Vitiligo

Coconut oil is always used in vitiligo treatment creams and ointments. It treats the skin and also enhances blood circulation. It is also antiseptic and antifungal in nature.

Aloe Vera For White Spots On Skin

Aloe vera has many therapeutic properties and nutrients that will aid to eliminate the white spots and keep your skin hydrated.

Ammi Visnaga For Vitiligo

This Egyptian healing plant is also well-known as ‘khella’. The research found in the European Journal of Dermatology presented that khellin elements were supportive in curing vitiligo.

Essential Oils For Vitiligo

This essential oil is highly recommended in Ayurvedic and Unani remedy to treat numerous skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and vitiligo. It affects the melanin creation in the skin, and this can ultimately even out your skin discoloration.

Black Pepper Essential Oil For Vitiligo

Black pepper oil holds an element that is known as piperine. This element triggers the slothful melanocytes (cells that yield melanin), therefore repairing the skin pigment.

Bergamot Essential Oil For Vitiligo

Bergamottin, a component present in bergamot essential oil, functions as a natural photosensitizer. It boosts the sensitivity of the skin to UV light and aids in the creation of melanin in the white spots on your skin.

Tea Tree Oil For Vitiligo

This multipurpose essential oil has the potential to deepen white vitiligo spots because of its holding immune-inspiring and anti-inflammatory properties.

Extracts For Vitiligo

Gingko Biloba herb is an astonishing home therapy for vitiligo. It will not only hold back the development of the infection but also assist in repigmenting the white spots on your skin if you always use it. It’s immune-modulatory and antioxidant properties are liable for these effects.

Olive Leaf

Olive leaf extract is antiseptic in nature. It has been revealed to be beneficial in vitiligo treatment.

Best Vitamins For Vitiligo

A common absence in vitiligo patients is that of vitamin B12. This vitamin plays a major function in the growth of red blood cells. Its absence can cause anemia and white spots or vitiligo. If you are doubtful that you are facing problems from a vitamin B12 insufficiency, get yourself tested instantly.

Take supplements containing vitamin B12 and folic acid has been exposed to work for vitiligo patients to reinstate skin-color and also control the spread of the illness. Other essential vitamins that you can get advantages from are vitamins C & E, as these are potent antioxidants.

Ginger For Vitiligo

Ginger helps to improve blood circulation. It contains an anti-inflammatory property and holds tons of antioxidants that refurbish the skin’s health.

Juicing Recipe For Vitiligo

Consuming celery can aid to treat white spots on your face. It comprises psoralens that help to combat against vitiligo. Psoralens assist the skin to respond to daylight in a correct way, therefore reducing the risks of white spots seeming in the first place. The other elements in this green juice have skin reformative properties.

Carrot holds pigments and antioxidant properties. It aids in repigmentation of the skin and also defends it from sun injury. Carrots also hold psoralens that are suggested for vitiligo treatment.

Green Tea For Vitiligo

The extracts from green tea will assist to eradicate white spots on the face to a unique extent. This is because green tea holds ample antioxidants that will treat the skin by eliminating the free radicals that are injuring it.

Piece Of Papaya

Papaya contains carotene just like a carrot. It aids to resuscitate melanin, the skin’s natural pigment, and renovate the color in the hypopigmented parts.

Mustard Oil And Turmeric For Vitiligo

The contemporary application of turmeric and mustard oil acts wonders for vitiligo. It can take a moment to get results, but the wait is absolutely worth it as the results will be long-term. This blend has anti-inflammatory and circulation-motivating properties.

Red Clay For Vitiligo

Ginger juice is an ideal stimulating for blood circulation, and it also comprises antioxidants. Red clay holds copper, which provides it its red color. This copper is also active in restoring the skin’s color in the white spots created because of vitiligo.

Tamarind Seed Paste

This is a verified and established cure that many vitiligo sufferers rely on! For this, you have to infuse tamarind and Psoralea seeds in water for 3-4 days. Then crushed them to make glue and use it on the infected area every day.

Goosefoot Vegetable Juice

Make a juice of Goosefoot and apply on the infected area on a daily basis. Use it for 2 months and just notice it do its magic on your skin.

Pomegranate Powder

Crush a few of dry pomegranate leaves. Consume about 8 grams of this powder every day during morning and evening time that can help to treat vitiligo.

Black Gram Paste

Next effective natural remedy that can help to give relief from vitiligo is black gram. Ground black gram, add water to create the paste. Apply it on the infected area for 4-5 months to restore skin to its original beauty.

Radish Seeds For Vitiligo

Radish seeds are most effective in restoring melanin in human skin due to their therapeutic properties. With regular use, this medicine will flatten your skin quality.

Yogurt For Vitiligo

Yogurt enhances the vitamin B12 levels in the body. The lack of this is every so often seen in vitiligo patients.

Honey And Sandalwood For Vitiligo

Honey is advantageous in eradicating bacteria and fungus because of its antifungal and antibacterial components. It also assists in keeping your skin healthy. Along with sandalwood, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant constituents of both the elements will waste away your white spots easily.

Neem For Vitiligo

Neem is an effective natural cure for treating all kinds of white patches. Neem leaves can completely soothe and help to restore the original pigment of the skin.

Cabbage For Vitiligo

Cabbage juice is the effective natural treatment for skin ailments like vitiligo. Its restorative properties can be accredited to the amino acid methionine present in it.

Copper For Vitiligo

The immune heightening property of copper is perfect for the treatment of vitiligo. When water is reserved in the copper container whole night, it gets filled with copper ions. This will surely aid to form melanin in the body when it is taken on a regular basis, therefore leading to reinstating the pigmentation in the white patches. Finally, you can recover the original beauty of your skin.

Mama Cadela For Vitiligo

Mama Cadela roots are most beneficial in treating the white spots. The effective elements bergapten and psoralen are active in curing depigmented skin.

Psoralen For Vitiligo Treatment

Psoralen herb is an advantageous natural treatment for vitiligo. The seeds of the basil are used to cure white spots on the skin. It intrudes the paths that cause prevention in the creation of melanin.

Holy Basil

Holy basil, when directly used to the infected areas, can aid to eliminate white spots or white patches immediately. It also contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties.


These natural remedies will not function as a magical wand to diminish white patches. You have to use them on a regular basis to notice the difference. Of course, you can confidently choose remedies and other treatments to lessen white spots, but they might have undesirable side effects. It is always recommended to adhere to natural home cures and an appropriate healthy diet to eliminate these white patches.


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