Natural-Looking Glow Is Easy With Your Best Blush

Blushes are one amongst the most imperative makeup products that can always assist to improve your beauty and appearance. To know about the multi-types of blushes, you should go through this post now. With several types of blushes offered in the market nowadays, we just like to discuss some of them here, which would suit most skin types.

types of blusher

Mentioned below are 5 such blushes that are available in the market today. Take a look.

Gel Blush

Gel blush is one of the most standard types of blushes presented in the market. It always provides absolute radiance on your face and therefore it is recommended to make use of a gel blush with more carefulness.

Gel blushes are usually waterproof and therefore they do not get rinsed away instantly. Using gel blush is really great on oily and dry skin types, thus it assists to mix well with the skin and makes your skin glimmering.

How to Apply

Put the gel blusher on apples of your cheeks and spread it well to blend with your fingertips gently by massaging anti-clockwise. Just make sure not to apply too much.

Powder Blush

 If you are seeking out a natural glow that looks as soft as a powder, you must opt for using a powder blush. Powder blush can aid to keep your skin dry and therefore it is perfect to be applied on oily skin. It goes well for the people who have large pores.

Applying powder blush on the face can boost glowing spark on the face and it also persists for a long period of time. You must every time sprinkle some powder blush on the nose and cheekbones to add delicate sheen and radiance on to the face.

How to Apply

Before you choose to apply Powder Blush, you will need to invest in a good quality brush. Then to apply the blush you just need to sprinkle blush to the brush and gently sweep onto your cheeks and nose area.

Cream Blush

Cream blush is a multipurpose blush that can be applied on the skin. Cream blush is more perfect than a powder brush and provides extra radiance and luster on to the face. You must tap the cream blush with your fingers and mix well. Due to moisturizing oils found in the cream blush, it can always assist to keep your skin moisturized that can last for a long period of time.

types of blusher-cream blusher

How to Apply

 Cream blush is applied in two ways. First, tap your fingers on blush and mix well with your skin gently on your cheekbones and nose area.

Second, take the blush on a small brush, then flick the excess blush on tissue paper to avoid extra application. Now, apply on your cheekbones and nose area with very gentle and small strokes. Then blend with your skin using beauty blenders.

Tinted Stain Blush

Tinted blush is related to that of a tinted moisturizer and it looks completely seamless on the face. When you are choosing a tinted blush, you must use the blush on the face and then wrap up with sprinkling some loose powder. Applying tinted blush over a dense base can aid to provide you a healthy-looking and excellent feel.

types of blusher-tinted stain blusher

Tinted blush is fast in drying and it must be applied on dry skin. Stain Blush is best for all types of skin and the people who tend to excess sweat.

How to Apply

Gently tap the blush on apples of your cheeks and blend it using a beauty blender.  Be careful while applying it- take little at once. Once it gets soaked into your skin, it will be hard to blend. Believe us! They call it Stain Blush for nothing!

Shimmer Blush

Shimmer blush is the next common type of blush that you must opt for and if you want a further sheen on the face. Shimmer blush is the perfect choice when it comes to boosting radiance on to the skin with the hassle-free process.

types of blusher-shimmer blusher

On the other hand, while dealing with a shimmer blush, you need to make sure that you make use of it in a quite small amount and mix it well with the skin. Excess makeup may make you appear as ruin your face.

How to Apply

To apply the shimmer blush on your cheeks, you just need to take blush to your brush and gently blend onto your cheeks. You can use a makeup sponge to blend the blush onto your skin.

These all amazing and best blushes for makeup buy now.

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