Flawless Lip Makeup Tips and Tricks For Your Cute and Pouted Lips

Lip makeup is widely performed when it comes to make-up. It brings our total face makeup together and offers a definition to face. But, the specific thing is that lips are not of one shape. We all have different types of lips – some of you blessed with fuller lips and some of them have thin lips.

Though you have thin, even or fuller lips makeup has uniqueness and power to make them appeal and looks beautiful. We bring you this article to dedicate a lesson on lip makeup. It will consist of tutorial how to deal with different shapes of the lips and how to do makeup on it to bring out the best in each one of us. These little lip makeup tips can take your lip makeup to another level.

Let’s have a glimpse on attractive make-up tricks and tips for different lip shape categorically.

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Top Heavy Lips

  1. Generally, Indian Women have heavy lips. Efficient and effective makeup tricks and tips can make top-heavy kind of lips to appear beautiful.
  2. Make up for heavy lips is very simple. Begin with coloring your lips from the center of lips to the outside undergoing natural lip shape of yours.
  3. Then, apply a bright lipstick on the bottom of your lip and slightly darker tone on the top will create the magic of smaller space to give a smaller lip look.
  4. You may apply same lip color on both upper as well as lower lips and then apply a dab of eyeshadow or white pencil to the center of the lower lip to attain evenness, balance and fuller look.
  5. Another trick you make your heavy lips to look smaller is to use a lip pencil and fill your lips just inside the natural line and finish off with lipstick.
  6. To reduce the prominence of fuller lips is to use dark tones lip color and make heavy and fuller lips appear smaller.

Bottom Heavy Lips

Comparing to other lips structure bottom heavy lips are attractive and pretty! Then also some women are found to hide that pout!

Here is the way how can you make heavy bottom lips look better:

Use same lip color on the upper and lower lips.

Then apply a dab of the white pencil or creamy nude matte eyeshadow only to the center of the upper lip to achieve evenness, balance and fuller look.

Uneven Lips

If your lower and upper lip size and shape not match, then you have uneven lips. Here are a few tips to manage your uneven lips:

  1. Lip pencils should be used on uneven lips to outline your upper lip, making both sides of upper lip matchup first and then follow same for lower lips.
  2. With a light hand smudge the lip liner to eliminate rough and hard edges to achieve a natural finish.
  3. Be careful with the trick! lip liner should be drawn with a light hand and mixed well otherwise it turned out to be unattractive.

Thin Lips

Thin lips require more space and dimension.

And we’ve just the trick for you to make lips absolutely stunning:

Use lip liner initially outside your natural lip line and softly smudge it. After that, apply lip color darker in color to the lower lip. Also, use softer lip color to the upper lip and mixed with a lip brush.

Flat Lips

Flat lips have no depth and dimension and look as very flat without a prominent outline. It’s a good choice to use softer and light colors for people having flat lips because dark lip colors will make appear very small and flat.

Flat lips can be allocated an excellent shape with the following trick:

  1. Start outlining lips outside the natural lip line of your lips.
  2. Frosty and Shimmery lip work well on flatter and thinner lips as it adds a plumping and fuller effect.
  3. Ombre lip effects work well on flat and thinner lips.
  4. Start filling outer corners of lips with dark lip color and fill soft or bright lip color to the center of lips to create a gorgeous lip effect.
  5. If you’re not prepared to sport ombre lips, apply the similar lipstick color all over lips and then add a shimmery highlighter to the center of upper and bottom lips to create an appearance of plumper lip.

Overlarge Lips

Overlarge lips can dominate on the whole face and to be focused upon. This is an indication to apply softer lip colors with rich matte consistency to keep lips to look softer and even. In this case, you need to draw attention away from overlarge lips:

Try nude lip.

It‘s best to highlighted cheek area or a heavy Smokey eye for face makeup to carry off attention from the overlarge lip.

Small Lips

Smaller lips look cute but most of the people want to have that lovely pout.

In case of smaller lips follow these tips to make it more prominent:

  1. You can apply frosty, shimmery and glossy lipstick formulas that add fullness to small lips.
  2. Don’t apply dark lip colors as it’ll make lips seem smaller.
  3. Choose softer and brighter lip colors to highlight your lips in the best.
  4. Lip makeup requires practice. Homework your lips by stand up in the lead in front of the mirror and try these tips and tricks.

Ways to Have Pouty Lips

  1. First of all, for the rim, use some concealer. You’ll get improved results should you go for a class brush.
  2. Next, you want a lip liner you will use to line your not so beautiful lips. Of course, you need to make rims fuller, and to do this, liner applied beyond the rims; however, make sure you do not end up enlargement it.
  3. Do you’ve matte lipstick? If not, get one and use it. Afterward, apply moisturizing lipstick. In the end, you need to use lip-gloss.

For ideal appearance, we suggest you use a lip-gloss of natural color on the bow of Cupid. Also, lip-gloss may also be applied in the middle of lower lips. Lastly, your necessity is to use the brush for blending in the lip-gloss. That is it. Your lips will be more attractive.

Other methods

A foremost question pops up in mind that are there ways amazingly full rims? We want to tell you. Yes! You can get beautiful rims by given below method

Natural Lip Plumper

You may go for a variety of products; though, ideal products you can use include peppermint oil and lip balm.

You may mix up two and use paste on rims. Remember: your lips may swell up and you may feel a scratchy sensation for a few minutes. Hence, it’s suggested that use the paste sparingly.

Honey is next to perfect natural plumper. Honey will nourish your rims making them appear smooth and shiny.


How can you exfoliate lips? Well, again, you can use a no. of ways. But, if you’re going to use a brush be sure you use a brush in a circular motion. It will enhance the blood circulation in your lips manufacturing them look fuller.

Besides from using a brush, you may go for a lip scrub. All you’ve to do is to create a blend of sugar and olive oil in a bowl. After the paste is ready, you should massage it on lips in a circular motion. Do it for fifteen minutes.

So, this is a simple guide that you can use for color cosmetics and makeup. For further assistance, you may get in touch with the professional. They can guide you in the best way possible. If you’re going to do your own makeup, make sure you know the basics. Using unsafe methods can do more harm than good. If you’re a novice, doing some research beforehand is a must. Hope this helps.

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lip makeup tips

How to Get Perfect Lip Shape With Makeup?

Let us learn as to how to create the perfect look for your lips.

Analyze Your Lip Shape

For the perfection in the look of your lip makeup, you need to analyze lip shape. Once you know about the shape and structure of your lips, it gradually becomes easier to make them look balanced. Useful makeup tricks and tips can help you to make your lips appear beautiful, perfect and even.

Hydrate Your Lips

Start applying lip conditioner to hydrate your lips. Let it settle for three to four minutes.

For flaky and dry lips, using lip balm or lip scrub is highly recommended. A lip scrub eliminates deep dryness, flakes, and chopped bits of skin from the lips, making the application of lipstick much easier. It also gives a seamless and smooth finish to the lips.

Choose a lip pencil and use it to start lip makeup. Make sure the pencil is sharp enough to add precision to the lips.

Start Lining Your Lips

Start lining lips starting from Cupid’s bow and continue till corners, following the usual lip shape.

You can also overdraw or under draw your lips shape; dependent on how well-adjusted you want your lips to appear.

Here is the model that has a slightly thinner upper lip as compared to the lower lip. So, I’ve overdrawn her lip shape. Try not to move it on the above the natural lip line it may not appear natural

Finish Lining

Tilt head of yours sideways to line lip’s corner, starting from the center of the lip and continue it to the corner.

When you’re Outlining the lip, you can fill your lips simultaneously with the pencil. This works as a strong base for lip color and also styles your lipstick last longer.

Apply Lipstick

It’s time to, apply lipstick through thin lip brush on the lip. Be sure you fill in the lip shape evenly.

Correct The Flaws

Once you’re accomplish applying of the lipstick, crooked outlines, correct any flaws, or unfinished looks by using some concealer/foundation and small flat brush in the shade closest to skin tone. Correct outer edges of lips by balancing them.

And, finally, you’re done!

Final Look

There is a widely saying that you need Botox to have perfect lips. But trust me it’s wrong with this easy lip tutorial, you can flaunt your amazing lips, without emptying your pocket. Finally, not to forget to use your lips for the purpose, i.e., smiling!

Some Natural Tips To Treat black or Dark Lips

Before bedtime, apply almond oil on your lips regularly. It helps to lighten lips, thus reduces discoloration.

Mix lime/lemon juice along with almond oil and apply for the same purpose.

Apply cucumber juice on your lips because it will make your lips appear lighter in color.

Using a mixture of lime glycerin, juice and honey and leaving it open in the night is another tested and tried the remedy.

It’s best to select dark colors as they tend to hide lip pigmentation better than light colors. Maroons, Reds, Purples and Dark pinks can hide the dark lips while bright colors like pink and peach can highlight the pigmented lips. The formulation should ideally be thick and opaque rather than sheer. Therefore essential to choose moisturizing, opaque lipsticks and lip glosses.

Not To Do

The best method to makeup and bear best feature, choose between eyes or mouth. Women who work on both eye makeup and lipstick may look over-done.

At times, it can be the edge of clownish.

If you need to do red lipstick on your lips, keep the rest of makeup light. If you’re playing up the eyes, keep your lips lightly with a gloss or light lip color that does not stand out.

To get nude lips, cover your lips with foundation or concealer before applying gloss. This renders lips practically colorless and looks great with Smokey eyes

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