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Bad Lifestyle Habits That Affect Your Eyes Health

We often involve in poor habits in our life that damage the health of our eyes and decrease the quality of our eye-sight. Here are 13 bad habits that can injure your eyes. Thus, improving these habits using information as we state below can assist you to set a right track your eye health.

Bad lifestyle habits that affect your eyes health

Bad Habits That Damage Your Eye Health:

Check out the list of 13 nastiest lifestyle habits that can pose troubles to the complete health of your eyes.

 Bad lifestyle habits that affect your eyes health

Staring At Your Smartphone And Computer For Long Time Period

Paying attention going through tiny text on your smartphone might be one of the main reasons why your eyes injured, especially in case you every so often performs this for hours. These can also consequence in blurry vision, faintness, dry eyes and nausea. To deal with this, you have to keep your smartphone every 20 minutes so that your eyes can take a pause.

Otherwise, although it is good, you can make the typeface on your smartphone superior so that your eyes do not require putting the effort over time to read.

Likewise, continue staring at a computer screen for a long time can also hurt your eyes. Spending all day in front of your computer can result in aridity because your eyes do not have as much fluid generating from tears. As dumping your computer is not possible, try to take pauses after every 20 minutes.  

Watching Television during Night

Actually, watching any types of screen, comprising your television, smartphone, e-reader, and computer straight before bed in the dark is poor for your eyes. The light amounts are transforming fast, thus, your eyes will have to put effort to process these variations, which might result in aching, eyestrain, headaches, soreness, dry eyes and though disturb your sleep schedule.

Likewise, going through or writing in a vague light is not suggested. Even though there are not a lot of signs that indicate it is poor for your eye health, it might tension your eyes, making them more exhausted and red, or consequence to discomfort and uneasiness. You can go for a lamp if you want to bring to an end your favorite movie before the time for bed.

Reading While On The Road

Most of the people always carry a magazine or book to provide them with something to do when they are walking or traveling in a moving bus or car. Though, reading while traveling that may also prolong your eyes and make it quite tough for them to pay attention. This activity might also lead to motion illness, headache, faintness, weakness, and sickness.

Rubbing Your Eyes

Rubbing your eyes often might break the blood vessels under your eyelids. Therefore, if you want to relax vexed eyes, you must try a cold compress over your puffy eyes for a few minutes or moisturizing eye drops.

Keep in mind that do not try to use a hot compress because the heat can extend the histamine release and make your condition poorer. If you have to scrub your eyes, always make sure to wash your hands and tap them dry rather than touching your eyes.

Overusing Eye Drops

When eye drops for the moment relax dry eyes, then using eye drops frequently can bother your eyes. Physicians warn that non-prescription eye drops will not, in fact, treat your vision; they only make your eyes less inflamed. In spite of misusing, they always suggest that you must use eye drops for a small time frame.

Having An Unbalanced Diet

However, some vegetables and fruits are essential for eye health, particularly those with vitamins E and C, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. The specialists recommend including vegetable oils, citrus fruits, nuts, leafy greens, whole grains, and fish to your daily diet as more as you can add.

Most significantly, you must drink enough water. Keep hydrated yourself that is a key to rip production and helps to make your eyes healthy thus, always drink more and more waters every day.


One and all know that smoking can cause lots of health ailments on lung and heart health, but few people know already that it is related to the health of eyes. Smoking hurts your eye cells and has been related to 30% of cases of macular degeneration due to aging.

In addition, when you smoke, you are more expected to grow eye diseases, such as cataracts, blood vessel damage, and uveitis and vision loss. Leaving smoking may be hard, but it is best for your eyes and overall health well-being.

Not Wearing Your Glasses

Too much peering that may consequence in eyestrain and discomfort. But, there is the easiest way to deal with it: thus always wear your glasses.

When you travel out in the sun, keep in kind to wear your sunglasses, also in hazy days. They can assist to terminate UV rays that will injure your eyes and though promote to cataracts and macular degeneration.

Kids are at a higher risk than a grown person. Do not allow your children younger than 6 months remain of direct sunlight. Apart from these, in case you undergo from photophobia or light sensitivity. Your sunglasses can also assist you to eliminate the negative effects of bright lights, such as hazy vision, headaches, and puffy or inflamed eyes.

Not Having Enough Sleep

We know already that lack of sleep may cause various health concerns, also injuring your eyes. Some common signs are dry eyes, trembling, pain and shadowy vision. If you go through these symptoms, or if your eyes become inflamed, heavy or painful, then it is better to get rid of your workload and have a few relaxing and restful night sleep to give proper rest your eyes.

Therefore, make sure that adults must take at least 7 hours and children must take at least 9 hours a night and do not use your smartphone every time especially for bedtime.

These are all poor lifestyle habits that affect our eye health so, always keep away from these habits always.

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