What Benefits Of Antioxidants Make Them Good For Your Health?

Antioxidants are substances that which restrain oxidation and protects a living organism from oxidizing agents. Generally, these oxidizing agents are called as free radicals, which are produced when the human body exposed to pollution, radiation or any other toxins. In day to day life, these antioxidants guard our digestive systems.

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Before getting into the benefits of antioxidants, let us know little more about what happens if Antioxidants are low in the human body (1).

Antioxidants guard cells of the human body from free radicals and molecules which are generated in the human body due to pollution and environmental pressures. These are also known as free radical scavengers. The elements of antioxidants can be artificial or natural, they provide rich protein to your body.

In a few particular plants, antioxidants will be high. The plants which contain high antioxidants are also called plant-based nutrient or phytonutrient.

Antioxidants not only contains in plants and few healthy foods but sometimes the human body can be also produced antioxidants, which are also called as endogenous antioxidants. The antioxidants that which releases out by the human body are known as exogenous.

Free radicals are the waste molecules which are generated by cells when human body undertake the food and responds to the pollution and other environmental pressures. When the human body cannot operate and remove free radicals in an effective way, then it results to oxidative stress. Later these free radicals and molecules will harm cells and disturb the body functioning. These molecules and free radicals are known as “Reactive Oxygen Species” (ROS).

Due to free radicals and inflammation causes oxidative stress such as excessive exercise, radiation, mitochondrial activity, smoking cigarettes, environmental pollution, reperfusion damage consumption of certain foods tissue trauma, trans fats, due to inflammation and injury
ischemia and, especially refined and processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and certain dyes, ozone rays, drugs, body exposed to pesticides and chemicals and other activities which causes to damage cells.

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Factors That Increase The Free Radicals In The Body

These free radicals can be produced more in the human body due to:

  • UV exposure.
  • Smoking cigarette.

These free radicals cause oxidative stress and further, it leads cancer, emphysema, heart disease, stroke, immune deficiency, arthritis, Parkinson disease, respiratory diseases, and some other inflammatory conditions. To get rid of these diseases, Antioxidant foods are the best option to decrease free radicals in the human body and this also helps to boost up your health too (2).

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Source of Antioxidants

To intake more antioxidants, add below antioxidants rich fruits sources of antioxidants to your diet (3):

Vitamin A: eggs, dairy products, and liver.

Vitamin C: healthy antioxidants rich fruits and vegetables, mostly berries, apples, bell peppers, and oranges.

Vitamin E: sunflower and vegetable oils, Nuts and seeds and green and leafy vegetables.

Beta-carotene: vegetables and fruits like carrots, mangoes, peas, and spinach.

Lycopene: tomatoes and watermelon.

Lutein: corn, papaya, and oranges

Selenium: corn, wheat, rice and other grains, cheese, eggs, and nuts too.

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Benefits of Antioxidants

As we discussed above, these Antioxidants is very helpful to the human body to protect cells from free radicals. And when it comes to benefits of Antioxidants, it fights with free radicals which are produced due to inflammation and improves the cognitive function and mostly it boost up the heart health.

These antioxidants can also improve the immunity system and boost up the vision, and the anti-inflammatory elements which are present in antioxidants will prevent your body from chronic diseases like arthritis. Proper intake of antioxidants will also help to look young and improve your hair health too.

Boost Cardiovascular Health

Antioxidants will not protect you from heart disease, it doesn’t mean that antioxidants are a cause of it. Some vitamins like copper, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, and selenium are more powerful to cardioprotective activity. If you have a proper intake of vitamin C will help you to reduce the risk of heart stroke for 50 percent.

Some hundreds of studies and reports show that adequate intake of healthy plant-based diets which covers fresh vegetables, fruits can help to protect your heart and even reduces the cardiovascular problems too. Note: And these healthy fruits and vegetables mostly contain antioxidants.

Improves Cognitive Health

Mostly antioxidants were used to improve the memory and decrease the risk of dementia. Antioxidant minerals and vitamins like selenium, zinc, vitamin C & vitamin E are helpful to the human body in a most natural antidepressant.

When these vitamins and minerals have greater potency and will provide higher benefits to the overall body than compared to inorganic variants.

Antioxidants develop vascular health by improving the microcirculation in blood vessels which are present in the brain, later it increases the oxygen and delivery the nutrients to hungry neurons like brain cells.

In the central nervous system, these antioxidants act as an educator and protect from inflammation and promote cognitive health. Mostly, brain diseases are caused due to oxidative damages like oxidative stress, which can be protected and improved with adequate intake of antioxidants.

These antioxidants elements also help to prevent other diseases like Alzheimer’s. High intake of carotenoids (which is a sub-branch of antioxidants) from healthy food like yams, carrots and sweet potatoes will be benefited to adults.

Aid Arthritis Treatment

One of the studies shows that antioxidant substance can boost up the clinical symptoms of arthritis and provides relief. All the anti-inflammatory elements of antioxidants will protect you Arthritis. Most doctors use to suggest Arthritis patients intake food which contains more antioxidants. In both vitamin C in fruits and anthocyanins in berries will fight with free radicals that which causes arthritis.

Can Help Prevent Cancer

Antioxidants protect the body from free radical, that which causes cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, even more, intake of antioxidants food supplements can help to cancer treatment, these antioxidants will prevent inflammation and prevent oxidative stress.

On the other side, some other study states that during the cancer treatment, antioxidants can be declined, that means the food which contains more antioxidants can be helpful in the process of treatment.

Better, once consult your personal doctor and take a advice regarding these reports and studies about antioxidants. Some reports show that more intake of antioxidants like vitamin E will helpful to recovery for few types of treatments (4).

Improve Vision

Intake of high antioxidant food supplements will help you to look young and even prevent you from vision problems too. The American Optometric Association reports show that antioxidant supplements like vitamin C and vitamin E can decrease the cataract progression within less than two years.

There are some other antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein will improve your vision health and helps you to reverse your age. And vitamin A will protect the eye retains and structures and also prevent you from night blindness (4).

Enhance Immunity

One of the best ways to boost up your immunity is consuming more and more healthy vegetables and fruits. Antioxidants like carotenoids, Vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E will improve your immune health. The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published that heavy intake antioxidants food supplements improve the immune health and help to be strong (5).

These antioxidants supplements are also preventing you from other problems which are related to a weak immunity such as bronchial infections and colds.

Will Prevent Liver problems

When oxidative stress goes into a severe situation, then Liver problems use to occur. And again antioxidants come into the frame to protect and rehabilitate for normal liver activity.

Can Improve Fertility

In this case, reports and studies are limited. But one study shows that antioxidants like selenium, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc can increase fertility and sperm quality too (6).

Treat Urinary Tract Infection(UTI)

Most of the reports stated that urinary tract infection is occurred due to oxidative stress and reducing of antioxidants elements, this is the main reason to use more antioxidant food supplements to improve your health condition.

Polyphenols which is one of the sub-class of antioxidants and which is mostly present in berries and other fruits are very helpful to reduce the urinary tract infection.

These antioxidants elements will be helpful to decrease the inflammation and oxidative stress and will protect in the treatment process of urinary tract infection.

Protect You From Kidney Disease

As per some studies, due to a lack of antioxidant supplements in the body can cause chronic kidney disease. These antioxidants elements can very beneficial to the people who are diagnosed with dialysis.

Can Help Bodybuilders

Antioxidants are very helpful for bodybuilders and the people who do more exercises. These oxidative stress mostly causes to get more injuries and improper healing, so that taking more antioxidant food supplements will help you get speed recovery and even helps you to be healthy and strong. Especially, antioxidants vitamin such as vitamin C will repair the tissue of the injury.

Mostly Benefited To Smokers

Most of the studies and reports started that more intake of health varieties of vegetables and fruits will be the best strategy for cigarette smokers. Oxidative stress will be high to the smokers to due to smoking cigarette releases free radicals and taking more antioxidants food supplements will offer the best benefits to reduce the oxidative stress.

Antioxidants For Skin Can Treat Acne

These free radicals pass through the body by absorbing electrons from healthy cells. Mostly these free radicals and inflammation will also get acne and other skin problems like dermatitis and eczema.

An antioxidants food supplement to will control these free radicals and decrease the inflammation and protect you from acne and skin problems. These antioxidants will also secure your skin from toxins and other environmental pressures.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are two big antioxidants that protect from acne by fighting with inflammation. Vitamin E will help to promote your skin to repair and healing. On the other side zinc and selenium are also two antioxidants which protect your skin from acne.

Reversing your Age

Due to free radicals and inflammation, most of the people use to look too old compared to their age. These free radicals damage the cells and increase the wrinkles and spots on the face. The best counter to these free radicals and inflammation is food supplements of antioxidants, that which plays the major part to look young.

Strengthen Hair

Antioxidant supplements can protect your hair health. When your hair exposed to pollution and sunlight then constantly, these inflammation and free radicals use to get increases in your body.

To prevent these free radicals and inflammation, the best way is to intake more food supplements of antioxidants which will fight with free radicals, protect your hair from pollution and other environmental pressure and stops hair falls which is caused due to oxidative stress and inflammation.

These are the best antioxidants benefits to you, and lets us know how they work in our body?

How Do Antioxidants Work In Your Body?

To know how these antioxidants work in your body, we should go a little deeper into science. As per fundamentals, every human body consists of different atoms, elements, and electrons. And two or more atoms combined and form a molecule. If the body contains sufficient of a number of electrons then a molecule can be stable in your body.

When your body has electrons then these molecules turn to free radicals. And these free radicals are unstable with other molecules and starts damaging the other molecules. Sometimes, these other molecules turn into free radicals due to a chain reaction and which damages whole body functioning.

Then antioxidants enter into the frame and they produce electrons to molecules and control it in an effective way. Make sure to balance antioxidants and free radicals in your body. If free radicals are more compared to antioxidants then it will lead to oxidative stress.

So intake more antioxidant supplements which will help to your body functioning and protect from free radicals as a warrior.

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What do you need to do? Consult your personal doctor or nutritionist advice before following these antioxidant food supplements.

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