white spots on face or vitiligo
Skin Care

25 Natural Ways To Treat White Spots (Vitiligo)

We tend to fail our confidence over a miniature blemish on our face. Having white acnes or vitiligo on the…

Freckle face woman
Skin Care

20 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Freckles On Face

Freckles are little tan or deep brown spots that appear generally on the nose area, cheeks, and forehead. They are…

clean beauty blender

How To Clean Beauty Blenders?

Do you know that your makeup equipment can be the flawless background ground for bacteria and dirt? Well, anyway we…

best beauty blenders- types of beauty blenders

10 Best Beauty Blenders You Must Have In 2019

Make-up blender and sponges are used in multiple fashion shows, movies and also at home. Although, each make-up artist has…

types of blusher

Natural-Looking Glow Is Easy With Your Best Blush

Blushes are one amongst the most imperative makeup products that can always assist to improve your beauty and appearance. To…

Lip makeup tips

Flawless Lip Makeup Tips and Tricks For Your Cute and Pouted Lips

Lip makeup is widely performed when it comes to make-up. It brings our total face makeup together and offers a…

Eyeshadow tips

Best Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks Will Make Your Eyes Flawless

The eye makeup is the crucial part than facial makeup. If it is applied in the right way, the eye…

Eye Care

Bad Lifestyle Habits That Affect Your Eyes Health

We often involve in poor habits in our life that damage the health of our eyes and decrease the quality…

detangling hairbrush
Hair Care

15 Different Types of Hair Brushes

 If the most vital thing you speak when you just wake up from sleep at morning like, “OMG, it’s my…


15 Glamorous Makeup Looks for Different Occasions

A gentle lady knows well that how to apply makeups to her their look. For the time being, she won’t…

healthy diet

Healthy Diet- In Different Stages Of The Life

People require a huge amount of nutrients to get a healthy lifestyle always. Although, for delivering these nutrients, right nutrition…

folic-acid rich food

Top 30 Iron And Folic Acid Rich Food You Should Include In Your Diet

Do you want to stay healthy and strong? Do you know what foods are rich in folic acid? Do you…

Guava benefits

What Benefits Of Guava Make It So Loving Fruit?

Guava is a daily common fruit to eat. It is offered at your adjacent market. It looks very easy. You…

orange benefits

Are You Aware Of All The Benefits Of Orange?

Sweet and sour oranges are very scrumptious and have a great place compared to other fruits.  Orange is a rich…

banana benefits

What Benefits Of Banana Make It Super Fruit?

Have you ever marvelled how effective are bananas for you and how many dissimilar and uncommon uses they can provide?…

sources of antioxidants

What Benefits Of Antioxidants Make Them Good For Your Health?

Antioxidants are substances that which restrain oxidation and protects a living organism from oxidizing agents. Generally, these oxidizing agents are…

Papaya benefits

Papaya Fruit: Health Benefits And Risks

There are abundant benefits of papaya comprises managing weight and regulating high blood pressure and though also help to treat…

Dates benefits

Benefits Of Dates Fruit For Health

We love eating dates, and it means Khajoor in Hindi. These were perhaps our favorite fruits from the time of…


An Apple a Day: How Apples Keep the Doctor Away?

Do you know that Apples are rich sources of fibers, with almost 4 grams of fiber surrounded in a medium-sized…

tips to lose weight quickly

25 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Quickly

There are numerous problems that we have to face in our day to day life. Among them is the problem…

benefits of vitamin e

Top 23 Vitamin E Rich Food You Should Include In Your Diet

Vitamin E is a vital element as any other nutrient. But we have almost forgotten that. Also, we are not…

source of vitamin c

Top 30 Vitamin C Rich Food You Should Include In Your Diet

Are you suffering from a sore throat, runny nose then you really need vitamin C?  Fruits and vegetables are a…


Top 30 Foods High In Omega 3 And Good Fat

An enormous body of research shows that omega-3 fatty acids are important to our health. In my humble opinion a dietitian, you…

spinach benefits and side-effects

Do You Know Benefits Of Spinach?

Spinach (Spinacia oleraceae) also known as several names in different languages such as ‘Palak‘ in Hindi, ‘Panchali Koora‘ or ‘Palakura‘…

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