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How Much Salt Is Good For Your Health?

Is table salt beneficial for health? How to reduce salt consumption in our body?  How much salt should we consume? These are the questions you surely want to get answered. Salt is a very essential part of our life which goes in our body every day. It contains some good elements and some bad that react negatively. In order to reduce its negative impact on our body, we should consume less salt.

Though, nowadays all of us need to have the right diet plans and a lot of things to stay fit especially for older people.


Many people deal with diseases such as diabetes or blood pressure. So today, we will tell you some tips regarding the right use of salt that are beneficial for all of you. Whether we eat sweet or not, but salt is an integral part of our lives.

Salt plays an important role in everyday meals and drinks. But if you add salt to the right amount and eat it properly then somewhere, it will be good for both, our health and lifestyle.

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Is Table Salt Beneficial For Health?

Refined salt or table salt whose chemical formula is NaCl which we normally use every day, is very harmful to health. Try to remove the refined salt from your kitchen permanently and instead use sea salt which is also called rock salt. Use black salt to make the fruits tasty, which is very useful for digestion. Also, using the rock salt, the amount of sodium in the body is controlled. Due to the excess amount of sodium, the body reduces the iron that causes swelling in the hands and legs.

How To Reduce Salt Consumption In Our Body?

Let us now tell you how to keep you away from taking a high amount of salt from the body.

Make a habit of taking salads and fruits without salt. Salads and fruits contain natural salt and minerals on its own. There is no need to put extra salt in salad and fruits as the nutrients of fruits or salad are drained out by adding salt separately, and our body does not get vitamins and minerals completely.

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Avoid fried foods and snacks outside because they contain a lot of salt.

Do not eat the pickle that you purchase from the market. The amount of salt is put in excess to keep it preserved.

Do not eat digestive pills like Hajmola or Hingoli as it contains a lot of table salt (NaCl) which increases sodium in your body.

Keep in mind, eat papad, chutney, and pickle only when the amount of salt is less in it.

Heart disease or blood pressure patients should reduce the intake of salt significantly.

How Much Salt Should You Consume According To Age?

                   Age (in years)             Salt consumption
                        1 to 3    2.5 gm (sodium – 1000 mg)
                        4 to 8    3 grams (sodium – 1200 mg)
                        9 to 50    3.75 grams (sodium – 1500 mg)
                      51 to 70    3.25 grams (sodium – 1300 mg)
                      70 and above    3 grams (sodium – 1200 mg)

This was the ratio so that people would be able to take salt in the right amount according to their age so that they should not face blood pressure, diseases due to iodine deficiency or any other disease.

In pregnancy, you should pay extra attention to the quantity if salt so that the blood pressure is not high and there is no shortage of iodine. A slight negligence can be very dangerous for the infant.

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