Ladies, monsoon season is a high alert for Urine infection! See how you can take precaution

Urine infection (UTI) precautions

The monsoon season brings relief from the heat and brings many infections and diseases along with it. There is a danger of seasonal diseases in the monsoon season, as well as due to humidity and moisture in this season there may be many problems, one of them is female infections. Yes, the risk of having vaginal infections in the monsoon remains the highest. Vaginal infection is known with many names like Fungal infection, Yeast infection, UTI, fungal urine infection, vaginal infection. Women should be given extra care during the monsoon season. During this season, they should take special care to clean their vagina or private parts. In the rainy season, humidity and moisture are high, due to which the outbreak of fungus, bacteria, and germs increases. There is also a reason for infections many times in women.

The most common problem during monsoon is vaginal candidiasis, which is caused by fungal infections. Excessive discharge and pain during sex can be a major symptom. The most essential cleaning is to avoid the vaginal infections.

Precautions for Yeast infection or Vaginal Infection( Urine infection or UTI)

Cleansing of the vagina on a daily basis

Like the cleanliness of your body, vagina also needs care. Do not ignore it at all. The daily care of cleanliness keeps you away from the infection. Put a habit of cleaning your vagina twice a day.

Keep undergarments clean

Always remember whether it is monsoon season or the heat, when the moisture remains around your vagina, the risk of infection will always be there. So, wear cotton undergarments and bring it into the habit. The cotton undergarments absorb moisture and the air is easily communicated. For some reason if the undergarment becomes wet, then do not wear it for long, change it immediately. It is common to have vaginal infections due to bacterial growth by wearing wet underwear.

After having sex

After having sex, cleaning your vagina, reduces the possibility of infection. Taking shower after having intercourse is a good idea. But vagina does not need to be washed with soap every time as this leads to increased dryness in the vagina.

Use Condom

Using condoms, the pH of vagina remains intact. Safety is always beneficial during intercourse. It prevents spreading many types of infection. Apart from this, if you feel that you have been gripped by vaginal infections, then go away from the partner.

Do not wash too much

If you feel that you are getting too much discharge in this season, you do not need to wash the vagina again and again to avoid excessive discharge. Frequent washing can cause irritation, which can lead to further infections. So instead of washing it, clean it with a tissue paper or a cleaning with cotton cloth is a good choice.

Wear loose clothes

Do not wear more tight corsets to keep the vagina healthy and clean. You need to wear open and loose undergarments.

Avoid aromatic soap

You should avoid aromatic soap and toilet paper. You may feel infected with the existing chemicals in it, but you can also feel dryness in the vagina. Wash the vagina only as much as possible with water. Because there is a natural pH level in the vagina that does not require you to wash with additional chemical products.

Pay attention to periods

Ladies, you should be more careful during your periods as UTI spreads more during this time. At this time you should pay special attention to the cleanliness of their vaginal garments. Due to the moisture of sanitary pads in the rainy days, you may also have problems like itching or rashes. Therefore, to avoid these things, cleaning is required from time to time. Therefore, change the sanitary napkin on every 4 hours or at maximum 6 hours.

Drink plenty of water

Water is the best choice to detox body. Drinking excessive amount of water releases the toxic substances from your body. Apart from this, avoid swimming in this season as there are plenty of bacteria in the pool water. And the swimming pool in the monsoon can also make you sick. If you do swimming, then take your bathing suit off immediately after swimming as it can cause infection.

What to have

By any chance, if you get urine infection (vaginal infection) then you should have coconut water and cranberry juice. Coconut water and cranberry juice will be very helpful in the recovery of UTI.

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